[FOM] convergent subsequences

Fernando Jorge I Ferreira ferferr at cii.fc.ul.pt
Sat Jul 2 15:37:18 EDT 2011

Let  Conv be

Every rational sequence in [0,1] has a convergent subsequence with modulus of convergence 1/n.

The following is true: Conv is equivalent to ACA_0 over RCA_0. The reason stems from the existence of 
Specker sequences: from Conv one can show the existence of Pi^0_1 sets and, by iterating and 
relativizing this procedure, one gets full arithmetical comprehension (i.e., one gets ACA_0).
Since, finitistically, one has Con(PA) <--> Con(ACA_0), one concludes (finitistically) that Con(PA) <--> 
Con(RCA_0 + Conv). 
The effective topos validates the negation of Conv. It does not follow that it also validates the negation 
of Con(PA).
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