[FOM] Book on the history of logic?

A J Franco de Oliveira francoli at kqnet.pt
Tue Feb 15 05:51:31 EST 2011

The Evolution of Logic, by W.D. Hart (Cambridge U.P. 2010)  is dedicated  to
the history of logic in the past 150 years and its relation to philosophy.
At 22:47 14-02-2011, you wrote:
>Dear FOMers,
>I'm planning to give a small course in the 
>history of logic, with special focus on the 20th 
>century. While I am planning to photocopy a 
>selection of papers and hand out, it would be 
>really useful to have a textbook as well. 
>However, there seems to be very few modern 
>textbooks in the history of logic. Kneale & 
>Kneale, for instance, write fairly little on 
>20th century logic, and the other books I have found do it even less.
>So, does anyone here have any tips? Or, if not a 
>book, at least some lengthier expositions in article form?
>Thanks in advance,
>Staffan Angere
>University of Lund
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