[FOM] Frank Quinn article in January Notices

Timothy Y. Chow tchow at alum.mit.edu
Thu Dec 29 10:50:42 EST 2011

Monroe Eskew, Vaughan Pratt, and Nick Nielsen have raised objections
to my attempt to salvage Quinn's view by giving a non-standard definition 
of the term "excluded middle reasoning."

I don't want to get into an extended debate about this point because I was 
not trying to argue that the term "excluded middle reasoning" *ought* to 
be defined the way I suggested, at all times and in all contexts.  Nor was 
I even intending to fall into the role of a religious apologist who wants 
to defend the inerrancy of Quinn's writings at all costs.  I was just 
trying to express what I thought was Quinn's intent, by rephrasing what he 
wrote in a way that literal-minded philosophers and mathematicians would 
be less likely to trip over.

What I will do at this point is to write to Quinn, point him to this 
discussion, and invite him to comment if he wants to.


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