[FOM] Quinn article, teaching math, excluded middle and constructive mathematics

Panu Raatikainen panu.raatikainen at helsinki.fi
Thu Dec 29 05:21:31 EST 2011

Lainaus "frank waaldijk" <fwaaldijk at gmail.com>:

> ...   Classical mathematics, in its fullfledged
> embrace of excluded middle, can be compared to science fiction...or
> dreamland if you would like a stronger metaphor. It's nice to dream, and
> nice to be able to conjure battlestars and time travel and black hole
> mining and...
> But it is also important to return to reality from time to time. This is
> where constructive mathematics comes in.

These are strong claims, and we've heard them now and then before, but  
it would be nice to hear some convincing arguments supporting them...  
I've honestly tried hard to find one for some time, but have so far  



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