[FOM] Postdoc position in Mathematical Logic

Erik Palmgren palmgren at math.su.se
Fri Dec 16 20:00:22 EST 2011

Postdoc position for 2 years in Mathematical Logic

at Stockholm University, Department of Mathematics.

The research in mathematical logic at the department
include such subjects as  constructive mathematics, 
point-free topology and locale theory, semantics and 
proof theory of type theory and constructive set theory, 
category-theoretic logic, topos theory and constructive
aspects of mathematical logic.

The department is now looking for a postdoc interested to work
in the areas of the logic group and related subjects.

For details, and how to apply, see the advertisement 
at  the department web page:


The deadline for application is January 23, 2012. Note that applications
should be sent ordinary mail.

Erik Palmgren
Professor of Mathematical Logic
Department of Mathematics
Stockholm University
SE-10691 Stockholm
palmgren at math.su.se

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