[FOM] On Myhill on Gödel on paradoxes

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May thanks to Juliette for the reference and to Bill for rectifying Myhills
full name! Hao Wang's book is in our university library and I willl check it
out tomorrow.

More useful information on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

In the point of view I have formed it does not follow from considering the
naive paradoxes as *property theoretical* that a theory which endeavours to
approximate naive abstraction type-freely as much as possible should be
considered a *property theory*. There are, to my mind, many properties, like
*being in pain*, which cannot possibly be accounted for by such theories
which are restricted by a formal language. I have suggested the term *sort
theory*. According to my view, then: all sorts are properties, but some
properties are not sorts; all sets, in the more iterative sense, are sorts,
but not vice versa.

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