[FOM] On Myhill on Gödel on paradoxes

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Look in Hao Wang's "Logical Journey" for Goedel on property theory and  
possibly property-theoretic paradoxes. I am traveling now and don't  
have the book with me, so I cannot give exact references.

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Quoting "Frode Bjørdal" <frode.bjordal at ifikk.uio.no>:

> The opening sentence of Roger Myhill's *Paradoxes, *Synthese 60 (1984),
> 129-143, is: “Gödel said to me more than once "There never were any
> set-theoretic paradoxes, but the property-theoretic paradoxes are still
> unresolved"; and he may well have said the same thing in print.”
> This remark seems to have had influence in that some later authors have used
> the term "property-theory" for theories which seek to account for more
> type-free accounts that approximate naive abstraction in dealing with the
> paradoxes.
> Can someone at this stage fill in with more information concerning what
> Gödel may have said or written concerning this? What is the earlies use of
> the term "property-theory" in the area?
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