[FOM] MWPMW 12. Second Announcement

Michael Detlefsen mdetlef1 at nd.edu
Tue Aug 9 13:29:12 EDT 2011

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

This is a second announcement of and invitation 
to the twelfth annual Midwest PhilMath Workshop 
(MWPMW 12). This will be held at Notre Dame the 
weekend of Saturday, November 5th and Sunday, 
November 6th. As usual, the plan is to schedule a 
full day of talks and discussions for Saturday 
and a half day for Sunday. Also as usual, there 
will be a workshop dinner Saturday evening, with 
all participants invited to attend as guests of the university.

As part of this year's workshop, there will be a 
special symposium on "The Nature of Mathematical 
Reasoning". Featured speakers will include Pr. 
Lance Rips (Psychology, Northwestern), Pr. Martin 
Monti (Psychology, UCLA) and Pr. Alan Bundy (Informatics, Edinburgh).

This year, the workshop will also meet in 
conjunction with my Ideals of Proof (IP) research 
group sponsored by the ANR in France.
In connection with this, there will be two additional special workshops.

The first will be a workshop featuring 
interactions between mathematics and philosophy 
in the modern era. This workshop will meet the
day of Thursday, November 3rd. Confirmed speakers (with titles are):

Andrew Arana & Sebastien Maronne: "Complexity and 
opacity in early modern geometry"
Emily Carson: "Sensibility, understanding and number in Kant"
Mary Domski: "Descartes and Newton on the 
Mathematical Character of Natural Philosophy"
Vincenzo DeRisi: "Proving an Axiom qua Axiom. On 
the mathematical epistemology of Gerolamo Saccheri"
Stephen Gaukroger, "Representation and 
Demonstration: The Roots of the Early-Modern Preoccupation with Representation"
Douglas Jesseph: "Leibniz on the Eliminability of 
Infinitesimals: Strategies for Finding Truth in Fiction"

The second is a more logic oriented workshop, 
which will meet the day of Friday, November 4th. 
The program for this workshop is not
yet entirely set, but it is likely to include the following:

Jouko Väänänen: TBA
Richard Pettigrew: "The epistemological consequences of speed-up”
Gilles Dowek: TBA
John Mumma: "Uniformity versus relevance, words versus diagrams"
Sean Walsh & Walter Dean: "Reverse mathematics, Hilbert's Program & Formalism"
Mattia Petrolo & Alberto Naibo: "Negation as an 
ideality: From conservativeness to constructibility"

Please consult the workshop website 
for links that will take you to the MWPMW 12 
pages. All information will be posted there as it becomes available.

If you would like to give a talk during the 
Saturday or Sunday sessions, please email a pdf 
of your talk or substantial summary to Paddy 
(<mailto:blanchette.1 at nd.edu>blanchette.1 at nd.edu), 
Tim (<mailto:bays.5 at nd.edu>bays.5 at nd.edu), Curtis 
(<mailto:cfranks at nd.edu>cfranks at nd.edu) and me 
(<mailto:mdetlef1 at nd.edu>mdetlef1 at nd.edu). We 
would like to have all proposals for talks by 
September 1st so that we can set the program by 
September 10th. Talks should be 35--40 minutes, 
with 15--20 minutes left for discussion.

We're fortunate to have Mrs. Harriet Baldwin 
(<mailto:baldwin.1 at nd.edu>baldwin.1 at nd.edu) as 
the workshop manager once again this year. Please 
contact her with any questions you may have 
concerning rooms, meals, etc.. She has booked a 
block of rooms for the workshop. Since there are 
other conferences going on the same weekend, 
demand for rooms may be high and it would thus be 
a good idea to reserve a room with Harriet as 
soon as possible. Please also indicate to her 
whether you will be joining us for lunch Saturday 
noon and dinner Saturday evening. When you do 
that you can also let her know of any special 
dietary requirements you may have.

Finally, I'd ask that you share this announcement 
with others you know who might be interested, 
including both students and faculty. We are 
fortunate once again to have limited funds to 
help defray expenses for student participants 
coming from out of town whose departments do not 
have funds to cover their costs. These funds will 
generally take the form of subventions for 
lodging. If you are interested in applying for a 
subvention, please notify Mrs. Baldwin of that 
fact as soon as you can. Please also have an 
appropriate faculty member from your department 
email me to confirm that it cannot meet your expenses.

That's it for now. I hope you're having a good 
spring, and I look forward to seeing you at MWPMW 
12 in November. I'll be contacting you once more with final information.


Mic Detlefsen
Director, MWPMW 12

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