[FOM] Preliminary Announcement - Turing Centenary Fellowship Competition

S Barry Cooper pmt6sbc at maths.leeds.ac.uk
Sun Apr 3 11:15:31 EDT 2011


Turing Centenary Research Fellowship and Scholar Competition

An important part of the Turing Centenary celebrations will be the Turing
Centenary Fellowship Competition, funded by the John Templeton Foundation.
The intention is to support the research of eight young researchers, over
3 years, commencing in July 2012. For more details see:


The competition is organised in conjunction with the major Turing
Centenary Conference to be held June 22-25, 2012, at the Manchester City
Hall and the University of Manchester, funded by the JTF as part of the
same project, and organised by Professors Andrei Voronkov and Matthias

The research fellowship prize programme will offer, over 3 years:

   . three 'young scholar' fellowships of £45,000
   . five post-doctoral fellowships of £75,000

The judging of the competion will be carried out by a Board of Jurors,
chaired by Professor S Barry Cooper of the University of Leeds. The jury
will be composed of twelve internationally renowned researchers, three for
each of the four Turing related research themes (as described at the

The provisional deadline for the submission of proposals is December 16,
2011. The award winners will be duly honoured on the June 23, 2012
centenary of Turing's birth, during the Manchester conference.

Further details, including the fellowships' provisional timeline, can be
found at: http://www.mathcomp.leeds.ac.uk/turing2012/give-page.php?408

The submission process will be via the competion EasyChair webpage, which
will be online later in April, 2011. The opening of the submission page
will be notified via a formal Call for proposals giving further details of
the application process.

S Barry Cooper
Chair, Board of Jurors

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