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Patricia Blanchette pblanche at nd.edu
Thu Sep 30 14:36:08 EDT 2010

MidWest Philosophy of Mathematics Workshop
MWPMW 11: Program and Schedule
University of Notre Dame
Department of Philosophy
October 22, 23 & 24, 2010
[Maps and further details forthcoming at workshop website. Everyone is
warmly invited to join us for meals, as guests of the University. If
you wish to do so, please contact Mrs. Harriet 
Baldwin, baldwin. 1 at nd.edu.    Mrs. Baldwin can 
also help with room reservations.]

3:00 - 6:30 pm
McKenna Hall, Room 100-104
Special Session: Frege's Philosophy of Mathematics

Jeremy Shipley
Dept of Philosophy, Univ of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign
"Frege, Hilbert, and Dehn on Geometrical Representation"

Joan Weiner
Dept of Philosophy, Indiana University-Bloomington
"Frege's Grundgesetze Section 10, Julius Caesar and the Context

Thomas Ricketts
Dept of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh
"Grundgesetze Sections 28-31"


Session I. Symposium: Proof and Computation
9:00 am - 12:15 pm
DeBartolo Hall, Room 129

Walter Dean
Dept of Philosophy, University of Warwick
"Algorithms and the Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science"

Kevin Kelley
Dept of Philosophy, Carnegie-Mellon University
"An Empirical Philosophy of Mathematics Based on Non-Halting

David Landy
Dept of Psychology, University of Richmond
"The Role of Perception in Symbolic Reasoning"

- Lunch - 12:30-2:10 pm. Morris Inn, Donors Room.
[All attendees invited as guests of the University]

Session II
2:15 - 6:30 pm
DeBartolo Hall, Room 129

Andrew Arana
Dept of Philosophy, Kansas State University
& Paolo Mancosu
Dept of Philosophy, UC Berkeley
"On the Relationship Between Plane and Solid Geometry"

John Baldwin
Dept of Mathematics, Statistics, & Computer Science, U of Illionois- Chicago
"Formalization, Primitive Concepts, and Purity"

Juliette Kennedy
Dept of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Helsinki
"Gödel and 'Formalism Freeness'"

Warren Goldfarb
Dept of Philosophy, Harvard University
"Wittgenstein Against Logicism"

- Social hour and dinner, 6:45pm-9:00 pm, Morris Inn, Donors Room
[All attendees invited as guests of the University]

9:00 am - 1:15 pm

Session III

Shay Logan
Dept of Philosophy, Univ of Minnesota-Twin Cities
"Structures, Exposition, and Exploration in the History of Group Theory"

Waldemar Rohloff
Dept of Philosophy, Univ of Missouri-St. Louis
"Kantian Intuition and the Applicability of Geometry"

John Mumma
Dept of Philosophy, Stanford University
"The Role of Geometric Content in Euclid's Diagrammatic Reasoning"

Andrei Rodin
HPS, Univ of Paris 7-Diderot; Russian Academy of Sciences
"What is a Geometrical Object?"

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