[FOM] Logical Analysis of Hybrid Systems: Proving Theorems for Complex Dynamics

Andre Platzer aplatzer at cs.cmu.edu
Thu Sep 16 10:14:13 EDT 2010


This is to advertise about a book on the logical foundations of hybrid systems verification that has appeared with Springer:

  Andre Platzer.
  Logical Analysis of Hybrid Systems.
  Proving Theorems for Complex Dynamics.

For more details, see the book web page:


Book Description:
Hybrid systems are models for complex physical systems and have become a widely used concept for understanding their behaviour. Many applications are safety-critical, including car, railway, and air traffic control, robotics, physical-chemical process control, and biomedical devices. Hybrid systems analysis studies how we can build computerised controllers for physical systems which are guaranteed to meet their design goals.

This is the first book that leverages the power of logic for hybrid systems. The author develops a coherent logical approach for systematic hybrid systems analysis, covering its theory, practice, and applications. It is further shown how the developed verification techniques can be used to study air traffic and railway control systems.

This book is intended for researchers, postgraduates, and professionals who are interested in hybrid systems analysis, cyberphysical or embedded systems design, logic and theorem proving, or transportation and automation.

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