[FOM] Paris-Nancy PhilMath Workshop (information from Sebastien Gandon)

Martin Davis eipye at pacbell.net
Fri Oct 15 16:49:21 EDT 2010

Paris Nancy Philosophy of Mathematics Workshop 2010

PNPMW, 2010: Program and schedule

November 17, 18 & 19, 2010 in Paris

Wednesday, November 17  [ENS, 45 rue d=92Ulm, salle Dussane]

10h00-11h15 Gilles Dowek, What is a theory ?

11h30-12h45 Francesca Poggiolesi, On the importance of being analytic. The
paradigmatic case of the logic of proofs

14h15-15h30 John Burgess, Structure and rigor

15h45-17h00 Francesca Boccuni, Plural logicism approaches to 
philosophy of mathematics

Thursday, November 18 [ENS, 45 rue d=92Ulm, salle Dussane]

  9h00-10h15 Gabriella Crocco, G=F6del and the problem of descriptive phrases

10h30-11h45 Mirja Hartimo, Husserl and contemporary trends in 
philosophy of mathematics

12h00-13h15 Osvaldo Ottaviani, "Forma dat esse rei".  Transcendental
approaches to philosophy of mathematics

14h15-15h45 Patricia Blanchette, Metatheory in Frege

16h00-17h00 Simon Hewitt, Faulting and Fixing Frege

Friday, November 19 [Paris 7 Rive Gauche, salle Klimt]

  9h00-10h15 Jacques Bouveresse, TBC

10h30-11h45 Davide Rizza, Applied Mathematics without mappings

12h00-13h15 Ignasi Jan=E9, An attempt at a faithful interpretation of set

For more information, please contact marco.panza at univ-paris1.fr

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