[FOM] Some historical questions

Richard Heck rgheck at brown.edu
Sat Nov 6 14:12:19 EDT 2010

On 11/06/2010 05:02 AM, Thomas Forster wrote:
> Allen Hazen and i have been in correspondence of late and some historical
> questions have come up, which members of the list might be able to help us
> with.
> It's known that Hartogs' theorem can be proved without any use of
> replacement.  Did Hartogs' do it without any replacement?  We know
> replacement wasn't spelled out as an axiom in 1915 but he might have
> use it cryptically anyway.  Does anyone on this list know? Does anyone
> have electronic copy of the original?

It's here:
Starting on page 223.

Google books rocks.

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