[FOM] Types Meeting 2010

Pawel Urzyczyn urzy at mimuw.edu.pl
Sun May 30 17:21:05 EDT 2010

                         Types Meeting 2010  
                     Warsaw, 13 - 16 October 2010 
                         First Announcement

The 17-th Workshop "Types for Proofs and Programs" will take place
in Warsaw, Poland, from October 13 (Wednesday) to October 16 (Saturday).

The Types Meeting is a forum to present new and on-going work in all 
aspects of type theory and its applications, especially in formalized
and computer assisted reasoning and computer programming. 

Invited speakers: 

  * Henk Barendregt;
  * Yves Bertot;
  * Pierre-Louis Curien;
  * Aarne Ranta.

Important information concerning accomodation in Warsaw is already available 
from the conference web page:


Details concerning registration, fees, and how to submit a talk will soon 
be posted there as well. We are looking forward to your participation.

The Organizing Committee
types10 at mimuw.edu.pl

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