[FOM] foundational crisis and theories of truth

Sara L. Uckelman S.L.Uckelman at uva.nl
Fri May 14 08:42:22 EDT 2010

A student of mine recently asked me if I could recommend to him (a) a
good historical overview of the foundational crisis of the early 20th
century, and (b) sources connecting this, and particularly the
development of intuitionism, to correspondence and coherence theories
of truth.

I've already pointed him towards a few books (including Shapiro's
_Thinking About Mathematics_ as a good basic intro to philosophy of
math), but would be interested in suggestions, preferably in English
or Italian, from other people on the list.

-Sara Uckelman

Dr. Sara L. Uckelman
Institute for Logic, Language, & Computation
University of Amsterdam

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