[FOM] [CiE] FP7 Marie Curie Individual Fellowship calls open for applications

CiE cie at maths.leeds.ac.uk
Thu Mar 18 11:17:53 EDT 2010

The three 2010 FP7 Marie Curie Individual Fellowship calls have 
opened for applications.  These are the:

International Incoming Fellowship (IIF)

International Outgoing Fellowship (IOF)

Intra-European Fellowship (IEF)

All 3 calls will close on the 17 August 2010 at 5pm Brussels local time

It seems that the EU has not yet published the Guide for Applicants 
for these calls, but they have indicated that they hope to do so in 
the next few days. Once available the guides will be downloadable 
from the information packs contained on the following websites:




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  CiE Conference Series                         http://www.illc.uva.nl/CiE
  CiE 2010                                      http://www.cie2010.uac.pt/
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