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Journal LOGICA UNIVERSALIS invites authors to submit papers for a
SPECIAL ISSUE on CATEGORICAL LOGIC that will be published in 2011.

The deadline for the submission is 1st November 2010.

Guest Editors of this Special Issue are Valeria Paiva (Cuil, Inc.)
and Andrei Rodin (University Paris-Diderot).

Categorical logic is a branch of Category theory (in mathematics),
strongly connected to both  mathematical logic and  theoretical
computer science. In broad terms, categorical logic represents both
syntax and semantics of a logic by a category, and an interpretation
by a functor. The categorical framework provides a rich conceptual
background for logical and type-theoretic constructions. The subject
has been recognizable in these terms since around 1970, given the work
of pioneers like Joyal, Lawvere, Lambek, Makkai, Martin-Loeuf, Scott
and many others.

Topics that  fit this Special Issue include, but are not limited to,
the following:

- Relationships between logic and geometry in a topos-theoretic setting;
- Categorical logic and Categorical foundations of mathematics;
- Sketch theory and diagrammatic syntax;
- Functorial semantics and Categorical Model theory;
- Quantum logic categorically;
- Extensions of categorical semantics to different kinds of logics
such as modal and substructural logics;
- Comparison of different categorical frameworks

Submissions should be made electronically to one or both of the
Guest Editors: Valeria Paiva( valeria at cuill.com ) or Andrei Rodin
(rodin at ens.fr).
For further formal details please consult the rubric
Instructions for Authors at the Journal's web page:

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