[FOM] Preprint: "The unification of Mathematics via Topos Theory"

Olivia Caramello oc233 at hermes.cam.ac.uk
Thu Jul 8 08:05:23 EDT 2010

The following paper, recently presented at the International Category Theory
Conference 2010, might be of interest to subscribers to this list:

O. Caramello, "The unification of Mathematics via Topos Theory"

We present a set of principles and methodologies which may serve as
foundations of a unifying theory of Mathematics. These principles are based
on a new view of Grothendieck toposes as unifying spaces being able to act
as 'bridges' for transferring information, ideas and results between
distinct mathematical theories.

The paper is available from the Mathematics ArXiv at the address

Comments are welcome.

Olivia Caramello

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