[FOM] Sperner's lemma and Bishop style constructive mathematics

Andrej Bauer andrej.bauer at andrej.com
Sun Jan 10 06:03:54 EST 2010

I checked only very quickly that the proof of Sprenner's lemma at


is constructive. So the answer is yes, it holds constructively.

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Andrej Bauer

On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 9:03 AM, ochibocho2 <ochibocho2 at yahoo.co.jp> wrote:
> I am Yasuhito Tanaka at Doshisha University in Japan.
> Simpson's book "Subsystems of Second Order Arithmetic" states that
> Sperner's Lemma is provable in RCA_0.
> Then, is Sperner's lemma provable in Bishop style constructive
> mathematics or mathematics with intuitionistic logic?
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