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Thu Feb 25 17:56:55 EST 2010

[[[Dear Moderator: here is a slight improvement of the previous
message, replacing Tc(x) with Tc({x}).]]]

Assume that every subset of every constructible set is constructible.

Let x be a set and let y be the set of nonconstructible elements of
the transitive closure of {x}.  Suppose y is nonempty, and let z be an
element of y that is of least rank.  Since the transitive closure of z
contains no nonconstructible sets, therefore z is a subset of L_\alpha
for some \alpha.  But L_\alpha is a constructible set, so by the
hypothesis it follows that z is constructible.  This is a
contradiction, and so the transitive closure of {x} contains no
nonconstructible elements.  Hence x is constructible.

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Max M Weiss
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On 25 February 2010 10:16, <jbell at uwo.ca> wrote:
> Can someone answer the following question: does V = L follow from the
> assertion that every subset of every constructible set is constructible?
> Maybe I'm missing something obvious!
> John Bell
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