[FOM] MRC at Snowbird, June 19-26, 2010

Carol Wood cwood at wesleyan.edu
Sun Feb 14 12:46:40 EST 2010

Please post on fom. Thanks. Carol Wood

This summer there will be a  Math Research Community in the Model 
Theory of Fields.
The program is run by the American Mathematical Society, funded 
largely by the NSF, and it will take place at Snowbird, Utah June 
19-25, 2010.
Those of us organizing the program believe it will be a great and 
intense opportunity for 40 Ph-D-young researchers to learn about and 
work on problems related to the model theory of valued fields, 
including topics in motivic integration, Witt-Frobenius, and 
Berkovich spaces.  There will also  be a follow-up with a special 
session  in New Orleans in January 2011, and  some support for travel 
there as well.

See http://www.ams.org/amsmtgs/mrc-10.html for details. Application 
deadline: March 1,2010.

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