[FOM] Recent Advances in Unprovability (Workshop on concrete incompleteness)

Michiel De Smet mmdesmet at cage.ugent.be
Tue Aug 31 04:49:41 EDT 2010

Announcement (update)

6-8 September 2010
Ghent University, Belgium
Workshop on concrete incompleteness

>	Talks by
Harvey Friedman (main speaker)
Michael Rathjen
Alan Woods
Konrad Zdanowski

>	Venue
Conference centre "Het Pand"
Onderbergen 1
9000 Gent

Conference centre "Het Pand" is located in the beautiful city centre of Ghent and is easy to reach by public transport.

For more information or registration, please send an e-mail to pelupessy at cage.ugent.be.

Student grants are available to cover accommodation and/or travel expenses (up to EUR 250,-). Enquiries must be sent to pelupessy at cage.ugent.be.

Programme committee 
Andrey Bovykin and Lorenzo Carlucci

Organising committee
Michiel De Smet, Florian Pelupessy, Sam Sanders and Andreas Weiermann

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