[FOM] NonMon@30, Call for Participation

Victor Marek marek at cs.uky.edu
Thu Aug 26 16:09:39 EDT 2010

Call for Participation
MonMon at 30, Thirty Years of Nonmonotonic Reasoning, International Conference
Lexington, KY, USA, October 22-25, 2010.
Sponsored by Association for Logic Programming.

The publication of the seminal issue on Nonmonotonic Logics by the
Artificial Intelligence Journal in 1980 resulted in the new area of
research in Knowledge Representation. This development changed the
paradigm of logic originated in antiquity, created an important area
of mathematical logic, and resulted in exciting discoveries of logical
techniques creating new bridges between logic, knowledge representation
and computation. The research contributed to mathematical logic,
computer science and philosophy, and changed the perspective on
applications of logic. 

To sum up the experience of 30 years of research we will meet in Lexington, KY
in October 2010. The meeting will consist of two tracks: 
a. Plenary presentations describing the progress of the area during the past 30
b. Technical contributed talks.

The list of plenary speakers includes: V. Lifschitz, G. Gottlob, D. Dubois, M.
Denecker, J. Minker, M. Gelfond, J. Remmel, E. Sandewall, D. Lehmann, T. Eiter,
M. Kaminski, T. Schaub, I. Niemela,  Ch. Baral, A. Bochman, D. Gabbay, J.
Delgrande, T. Eiter, and D. Pearce.

Visit the <A href="http://sites.google.com/site/nonmonat30/"> Conference site
</A> for information and registration.
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