[FOM] Process logic

ARF (Richard L. Epstein) rle at AdvancedReasoningForum.org
Thu Aug 5 21:17:03 EDT 2010

I have completed a draft of a book "The Internal Structure of Predicates and Names with an Analysis
of Reasoning about Process" which extends the scope of predicate logic to allow for formalizing
reasoning that depends on:
 --relative adjectives
 --non-referring names
The formal systems for reasoning with non-referring names allow better formalizations of common
reasoning using in mathematics.  The formal system of tense logic is very different from others.
Investigating extensions that take account of time and location reveals better why one cannot
formalize reasoning about process in predicate logic.  I then set out a new formal system for
reasoning about process which is based on the assumption that the world is made up not of things but
is process.  It is not reducible to predicate logic, nor does it seem to be reducible to any
extension of predicate logic with operators.  In this view one cannot conceive of a function as a
correlation between inputs and outputs, for inputs and outputs are things.  Rather, this system may
serve as a basis for formalizing reasoning that takes functions as process.   A draft of the book is
available at the website of the Advanced Reasoning Forum, <www.AdvancedReasoningForum.org>.  I would
be grateful for any criticism of this research.

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