[FOM] Theodicy & The Calculus

Jon Awbrey jawbrey at att.net
Mon Aug 2 22:20:47 EDT 2010

Monroe Eskew wrote:
 > Are there writings that one might call "formal theology"?

One might well consider the mix of
mathematics and theology in Leibniz,
for example, his ''Theodicy'', where
he hints at links between doctrines of
omniscience, predestination, and the
origins of the differential calculus.

| It is one of the rules of my system of general harmony,
| 'that the present is big with the future', and that he
| who sees all sees in that which is that which shall be.
| Leibniz, ''Theodicy''
| Gottfried Wilhelm, Freiherr von Leibniz,
|''Theodicy : Essays on the Goodness of God,
| The Freedom of Man, & The Origin of Evil'',
| Edited with an Introduction by Austin Farrer,
| Translated by E.M. Huggard from C.J. Gerhardt's
| Edition of the ''Collected Philosophical Works'',
| 1875-90; Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, UK, 1951;
| Open Court, La Salle, IL, 1985. Paragraph 360, Page 341.


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