[FOM] Falsify Platonism?

Jon Awbrey jawbrey at att.net
Thu Apr 29 19:38:29 EDT 2010

Re: Lucas Kruijswijk @ http://www.cs.nyu.edu/pipermail/fom/2010-April/014689.html


A realist of any stripe, as contrasted with a nominalist in the same spectrum,
is one who finds a positive utility in the hypothesis that a given species of
objects is real.  The good of the hypothesis is that it helps to explain some
realm of appearance or experience, and that good is probated on the extent to
which it helps or not.

So we have the hypothesis of a "numberist", who thinks that it makes sense to
speak of numbers as real objects, and we have the hypothesis of a "numeralist",
who says that "numbers are only numerals".

By their fruits ye shall know them.

Jon Awbrey


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