[FOM] Initial MALOA Training Workshop September 2010, Fischbachau

Peter Schuster pschust at mathematik.uni-muenchen.de
Mon Apr 26 13:07:10 EDT 2010

   MALOA -  From MAthematical LOgic to Applications
   Marie Curie Initial Training Network, PITN-GA-2009-238381

   Initial MALOA Training Workshop September 2010, Fischbachau, Germany

Dates: Arrival Sunday, 5 September 2010.
        Departure Saturday, 11 September 2010 after noon.

Scope of the Workshop:
    The workshop consists of main lecture courses and contributed talks across a 
range of logic as well as informal discussion groups in the evenings.  It is 
intended particularly for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers working in 
or around mathematical logic and applications.  It is primarily aimed at 
members of the involved research centres of the MALOA network, but participants 
from external sites are welcome as well.

    The workshop is being held at the Hotel Aurachhof in Fischbachau, a 
picturesque small village outside of Munich.

    Full board accommodation is available from EUR 50 to EUR 80 per person and 
day, depending on the room type and includes the workshop costs.

Further information: For more information, including a full timetable of 
lecture courses and talks, please see the website


If interested in participating, please email Emma Jones

   e.j.jones at leeds.ac.uk

as soon as possible, and by Monday May 3 at absolute latest, as we need
to make the accommodation booking in Fischbachau.


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