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Dear Colleagues,
please find below the first announcement of two upcoming international workshops
organized in May-June 2010 through cooperation between University of Notre Dame
(Indiana), University Paris-Diderot, University Nancy2 and Ecole Normale
Supérieure (Paris). All sessions are open and require no registration. Please
distribute this information among your colleagues and particularly among your
students.  Titles of talks will be announced soon.
I look forward to seeing you soon at the workshops,
very best wishes,
Andrei Rodin

(A cooperation of the University of Notre Dame, the University Paris-
Diderot, Ecole normale superieure and the University Nancy 2.)

I) Foundations of Mathematics: What and Why?(May 18–June 25, 2010)

Featured Speakers:
Steve Awodey (Carnegie Mellon)
Tim Bays (Notre Dame)
John Bell (Western Ontario)
Mic Detlefsen (Notre Dame)
Solomon Feferman (Stanford)
Curtis Franks (Notre Dame)
Geoffrey Hellman (Minnesota)
Luca Incurvati (Cambridge)
Øystein Linnebo (Birkbeck)
Giuseppe Longo (ENS)
Jean-Pierre Marquis (Montreal)
John Mayberry (Bristol)
Colin McLarty (Case Western)
Richard Pettigrew (Bristol)
Michael Potter (Cambridge)
J-J Szczeciniarz (Paris–Diderot)
Gabriel Uzquiano (Oxford)

When: 14h–18h each Tuesday and Friday, from Tuesday, May 18th through
Tuesday, June 22nd. Full day meeting 9h00–18h00, Friday, June 25th

Where: The seminar will meet in the salle Klimt (# 366A), Bˆatiment
Condorcet, Grands Moulins campus, U of Paris 7-Diderot for all but one
meeting (June 18th), when the seminar will meet in the salle Klee (# 454A)
of the same building. Video links to Notre Dame and Nancy 2 are planned for
all meetings of the seminar.

May 18 M. Detlefsen
May 21 Ø. Linnebo, R. Pettigrew
May 25 S. Awodey, G. Uzquiano
May 28 J. Mayberry
June 1 J. Bell
June 4 S. Feferman
June 8 S. Feferman, C. Franks
June 11 G. Longo, L. Incurvati
June 15 J-P Marquis
June 18 T. Bays
June 22 M. Potter
June 25 M. Detlefsen, G. Hellman
C. McLarty, J-J Szczeciniarz

All interested persons are encouraged to attend and participate. If you have
questions, please contact Mic Detlefsen at mdetlef1 at nd.edu or Andrei Rodin
at rodin at ens.fr.

The following is an incomplete list of student participants: Alexei
Angelides (Stanford), Sylvain Cabanacq (ENS, Paris 7-Diderot), Emmylou
Haffner (Paris 7- Diderot), Daniel Immerman (Notre Dame), Graham
Leach-Krouse (Notre Dame), Irina Starikova (Bristol), Anthony Strimple
(Notre Dame), Iulian Toader (Notre Dame), SeanWalsh (Notre Dame).

The Foundations of Mathematics: What and Why?
The general aim of this seminar is to arrive at a better understanding of
the following main questions:
I. What might we reasonably want and ask of a foundation of mathematics?
II. What are the most important similarities and differences between the two
major foundational alternatives today, set theoretical and category
theoretical foundations?
III. What are the most significant comparative advantages and disadvantages
of each of these two main approaches?
IV. What other reasonable and interesting conceptions of foundations are
there, and what is known concerning them?

II) Associated Seminar:
Category Theory and Philosophy of Mathematics Today

The aim of this associated seminar is: (i) to cover more specific technical
topics concerning Category Theory than there will be time to cover in
Foundations of mathematics: What and Why? and (ii) to provide an opportunity
for a more extended philosophical discussion focusing on Category Theory.

Featured Speakers:
Jean Benabou (Paris 13)
Rene Guitart (Paris-Diderot)
Christian Houzel (CNRS)
M. Lachize-Rey (CNRS, Paris-Diderot)
Giuseppe Longo (CNRS, ENS)
Yuri Manin (Max Planck, Northwestern, RAS)
Alberto Peruzzi (Florence)
Jean Petitot (CREA)
Alain Proute (Paris-Diderot)
Andrei Rodin (Paris-Diderot, RAS)
Pino Rosolini (Genoa)
Jean Sallantin (Montpellier)


May 17: Rene Guitart, Christian Houzel, Yuri Manin

May 31: Alberto Peruzzi, Alain Proute, Andrei Rodin, Jean Sallantin

June 14: Jean Benabou, Marc Lachize-Rey, Giuseppe Longo, Jean Petitot, Pino

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