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Charles Silver silver_1 at mindspring.com
Mon Apr 5 10:17:12 EDT 2010

		  Sorry, can't read *all* the URls, but I haven't seen any  
displaying his neat method of using the eraser on circles, etc.  Great  
on a black (white) board.   How about launching some to generate FOM  

		      By the bye, Peirce's law is supposedly the only propositional  
sentence without any negation symbols that requires an indirect proof  
(in a natural deduction system: MP, MT, C, Reductio, etc.)  Would be  
nice if someone were to provide another (without using the law itself  
to create a longer sentence and perhaps using only two propositional  
letters.   Okay, make it three.

On Apr 3, 2010, at 2:00 PM, Jon Awbrey wrote:

> FOMers,
> I finished animating all the proofs that I had in
> my articles on Logical Graphs and Peirce's Law.
> There are copies on the following wiki sites
> if anyone has comments or questions or wants
> to collaborate on further development:
> http://mywikibiz.com/Logical_graph
> http://mywikibiz.com/Peirce%27s_law
> http://www.proofwiki.org/wiki/Definition:Logical_Graph
> http://www.proofwiki.org/wiki/Peirce%27s_Law
> http://beta.wikiversity.org/wiki/Logical_graph
> http://beta.wikiversity.org/wiki/Peirce%27s_law
> Cheers,
> Jon Awbrey
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