[FOM] 408: Kernel Tower Theory 2

Harvey Friedman friedman at math.ohio-state.edu
Sat Apr 3 15:39:43 EDT 2010

Of course I will say something about the proofs of these results, on  
the FOM, but only after they have converged to their best form - not  
while I am making major improvements on almost a daily basis. So just  
be patient.

Harvey Friedman

On Apr 3, 2010, at 12:27 PM, pax0 at seznam.cz wrote:

I believe that most FOMers do not know and would like to know how your  
extremely interesting THEOREMS
involving consistency of various large cardinals over weak base  
theories can be proved.
If you put effort into defining notions and stating theorems, please  
give us, or promise to give in the future,
at least very rough feeling about the ways of PROOFS.
Any single proof would suffice.
Thank you, Jan Pax

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