[FOM] Proofs in Computability Theories

Antonino Drago drago at unina.it
Sat Sep 19 18:04:07 EDT 2009

I apologize. I was wrong in my last post: of September 17, 2009 9:50 PM, 
when I wrote:

The situation is similar to the traditional
> thermoduynamics, born on the problem: what part of heat is reducible to
> work? Both theories studies machines.
> Like thermodynamic Carnot' theorem, the main theorems of compuatbility
> theory (e.g. the existence of the universal machine) are ad absurdum
> theorems of the weak kind, i.e.. by concluding trough no more than a 
> double
> negated sentence belonging to intuitionistic logic.

I instead intended to write as an example the halting problem of a Turing 

Bets regards
Antonino Drago 

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