[FOM] [CiE] Downey-Hirschfeldt monograph in CiE/Springer book series

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Mon Nov 23 20:11:52 EST 2009

To all CiE members:

As you will probably know by now, the first book in the new 
CiE/Springer book series 'Theory and Applications of Computability' 
will be the eagerly anticipated book by Rod Downey and Denis 
Hirschfeldt on 'Algorithmic Randomness and Complexity'.

This major monograph, a classic in the making, has been sent to the 
publisher, and is now in more or less stable form, coming out in 
early-mid 2010.

The authors point out that Amazon is offering this book at present at 
$51, and will honour any pre-order. We don't know how long this 
tremendous bargain will be available, as the book is somewhat longer 
than expected, 800 vs 300 pages!

For a view of the table of contents and the introduction, see:




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