[FOM] History of computable functions

Arnold Neumaier Arnold.Neumaier at univie.ac.at
Thu Nov 5 10:30:25 EST 2009

Billy Hudson wrote:
> Epstein and Carnielli provide a 28 page annotated timeline, "Computability
> and Undecidability a Timeline: The story of the development of the theory of
> computable functions and the undecidability of arithmetic to 1970" in the
> back of their book:
> "Computability: Computable Functions, Logic, and the Foundations of
> Mathematics",
> 3rd edition,
> Published by Advanced Reasoning Forum (ARF)
> 2008
> ISBN: 978-0-9815507-2-5
> The text itself is replete with historical and philosophical discussions
> that accompany the technical details.

A review of the book and the Apopendix is at

Arnold Neumaier

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