[FOM] Imre Ruzsa Memorial Conference

Andras Mate MATE at ludens.elte.hu
Sun Mar 29 08:39:45 EDT 2009


As part of the annual conference series 

the Philosophy Institute of Eotvos University and the MTA-ELTE Philosophy of Language Research 
Group announces its conference entitled 

A Philosophy Conference in Memory of Imre Ruzsa

Date: September 17-19, 2009. 
Location: Budapest 1088, Muzeum krt. 4/i. 
Deadline for submissions: June 1, 2009

Confirmed plenary speakers:
Hajnal Andreka (Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics)
Ferenc Csaba (Eotvos University Budapest)
Gabor Forrai (University of Miskolc)
Gyula Klíma (Fordham University)
Andras Mate (Eotvos University Budapest)
Tamas Mihalydeak (University of Debrecen)
Istvan Nemeti (Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics)
Laszlo Polos (University of Durham (GB))
Zoltan Gendler Szabo (Yale University)
Anna Szabolcsi (New York University)

The conference is held in memory of Imre Ruzsa (1921-2008), the father of modern philosophical 
logic in Hungary. His professional interests centered around modal logic, intensional logic, modeling 
natural language in systems of intensional logic, and the foundations of logic and mathematics. He 
always thought of his generalization of A. N. Prior’s concept of semantic value gaps to quantified, 
intensional and type-theoretic systems as his most important contribution to logic. He was the author 
of three books in English (Modal Logic with Descriptions, The Hague, 1982, Intensional Logic 
Revisited, Budapest, 1991, Introduction to Metalogic, Budapest, 1993), several monographs and 
textbooks in Hungarian, and many articles in leading logic journals. 

Several of Imre Ruzsa’s former students from across the globe will gather to discuss his legacy, and 
also to present on some of his favorite themes, topics, and areas—we invite you to do the same. 

Contributions for 20-minute panel-presentations are sought in the following areas: modal and 
intensional logics; logics with truth value gaps; metalogic; Frege’s philosophy of language and 
mathematics; Tarski’s theory of truth; and more broadly in philosophical logic, mathematical logic, 
formal semantics, philosophy of mathematics, and philosophy of language. Plenary talks will be in 
English; some of the afternoon panels are held in English, some in Hungarian. Graduate students are 
encouraged to submit.

Contributors are asked to submit the following in an email attachment: (1) the title of their 
presentation (in the language in which they plan to present), (2) a 15-line abstract, (3) school/institute 
affiliation, and (4) e-mail address. Submissions should be sent to ruzsaconf at phil.elte.hu 

Yours sincerely, 
the organizing committee of the conference:
Janos Kelemen, president
Andras Mate, co-president
Tibor Barany
Peter Mekis 
Janos Tozser 
Zsofia Zvolenszky

Andras Mate CSc, assoc. prof. 
Inst. Philosophy, Dept. Logic
ELTE Budapest
mailto: mate at ludens.elte.hu

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