[FOM] Travel grants for attendees at Conference on Foundations of Mathematics

Neil Tennant neilt at mercutio.cohums.ohio-state.edu
Mon Mar 9 21:51:24 EDT 2009

Foundational Adventures: 
Conference in Honor of the 60th Birthday of Harvey M. Friedman

The Blackwell Inn, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210
May 14-17, 2009

Conference webpage:


    We are fortunate to be able to offer some limited travel funds to
assist attendees with travel costs. The funding is from The National
Science Foundation, and will be distributed on a competitive basis. Under
the terms of the award, the selection of participants must provide
'opportunities for the participation of women, minorities and persons with
disabilities'. Applicants should send a one-page statement of their
reasons for wishing to attend, and a current curriculum vitae, with an
email address, to:

        Committee for Award of NSF Travel Grants
        c/o Ms. Sue O'Keeffe
        350 University Hall
        230 North Oval Mall
        Columbus, OH 43210

        [email: okeeffe.10 at osu.edu; tel: 614-292-1701; fax 614-292-7502] 

    In order to ensure fair and timely consideration of applications, the
deadline for receipt is April 6, 2009. Intending attendees should not rely
on this prospect of travel assistance when making their plans to attend.
We shall make every effort, however, to notify applicants of the outcome
of their applications by April 13. 

Neil W. Tennant
for the organizers

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