[FOM] Some questions regarding irrational numbers

Peter Woodruff threevalued at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 1 17:50:35 EST 2009

  The question is really about definitions, not numbers;  if we assume that only definitions of the form n = t are in question, "simple" then refers to properties of the term t.  One obvious property is the set of primitives occurring in the term, but also properties of those primitives, such as familiarity.  There are also measures of complexity of t itself, such as length or depth.  This seems to me to be the way forward.

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> Lasse Rempe wrote:
> > A related question, which may be closer to matters of
> FOM, is what is 
> > the "simplest" number that is conjectured to
> be an integer, but not
> > known to be so?

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