[FOM] final call for papers, constructive math meeting

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Thu Jul 9 12:21:23 EDT 2009


Workshop and AMS Special Session on Constructive Mathmematics

Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton, FL 33431 USA
Oct 28 - Nov 1 2009

The deadline for submission of abstracts of talks for the special session is next TUESDAY, JULY 14. Completed papers are not necessary. Abstracts can be submitted through http://www.ams.org/amsmtgs/2161_program.html or http://www.ams.org/cgi-bin/abstracts/abstract.pl .

NSF funding of the workshop is anticipated. Once this is confirmed, we will issue a call for applications for support.

The workshop sessions will meet W Oct 28 & R Oct 29. Its goal will be actual
progress in the field. The sessions and their leaders will be algebra (Fred
Richman), analysis (Doug Bridges), topology (Bas Spitters), and set theory
(Michael Rathjen). It will conclude the morning of F Oct 30 with a talk by
Vladimir Lifschitz on constructive mathematics and computer science aimed at
a general mathematics audience.

The special session will be part of the AMS sectional meeting at FAU, F Oct
30 - Sun Nov 1.

The organizing committee is Robert Lubarsky and Fred Richman. For further information, visit http://math.fau.edu/Richman/Worshop/, or contact Robert.Lubarsky at comcast.net. For further information on the AMS sectional meeting contact either Matthew Miller, the relevant AMS secretary, at miller at math.sc.edu, or Mario Milman, the local organizer, at extrapol at bellsouth.net.

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