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Logic and Computational Complexity lcc at cs.indiana.edu
Fri Jul 3 22:02:37 EDT 2009

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The Tenth International Workshop on Logic and Computational Complexity
(LCC'09, www.cs.indiana.edu/lcc) will be held in Los Angeles on
August 10, 2009, as an affiliated meeting of LiCS'09
and in conjunction with SAS'09 (sas09.cs.ucdavis.edu).

LCC meetings are aimed at the foundational interconnections between
logic and computational complexity, as present, for example, in implicit
computational complexity (descriptive and type-theoretic methods);
deductive formalisms as they relate to complexity (e.g. ramification,
weak comprehension, bounded arithmetic, linear logic and resource logics);
complexity aspects of finite model theory and databases;
complexity-mindful program derivation and verification;
computational complexity at higher type; and proof complexity.

The LCC'09 program consists of invited lectures by Andrei Bulatov,
Martin Hofmann, Phokion Kolaitis, Lars Kristiansen, and
Michel de Rougemont, as well as contributed papers.
The full program is available at www.cs.indiana.edu/lcc/09program.pdf.

For additional information see www.cs.indiana.edu/lcc,
or email inquiries to lcc at cs.indiana.edu.
Further information about previous LCC meetings can be found at


    * Patrick Baillot (CNRS-ENS Lyons, Co-chair)
    * Markus Lohrey (Leipzig, Co-Chair)
    * Albert Atserias (UP de Catalunya)
    * Pablo Barcelo (U de Chile)
    * Arnold Beckmann (Swansea)
    * Lauri Hella (Tampere)
    * Andrei Krokhin (Durham)
    * Chris Pollett (San Jose SU)

STEERING COMMITTEE: Michael Benedikt (Oxford, Co-chair),
Daniel Leivant (Indiana U, Co-chair), Robert Constable (Cornell),
Anuj Dawar (Cambridge), Fernando Ferreira (Lisbon),
Martin Hofmann (U Munich), Neil Immerman (U Mass. Amherst),
Neil Jones (Copenhagen), Bruce Kapron (U Victoria),
Jean-Yves Marion (LORIA Nancy), Luke Ong (Oxford),
Martin Otto (Darmstadt), James Royer (Syracuse),
Helmut Schwichtenberg (U Munich), and Pawel Urzyczyn (Warsaw)

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