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          Non-Classical Mathematics 2009

              Hejnice, Czech Republic
                  June 18-22, 2009


The 20th century has witnessed several attempts to build
(parts of) mathematics on different grounds than those
provided by classical logic.  The original intuitionist
and constructivist renderings of set theory, arithmetic,
analysis, etc. were later accompanied by those based on
relevant, paraconsistent, non-contractive, modal, and other
non-classical logical frameworks.  The subject studying
such theories can be called "non-classical mathematics"
and formally understood as a study of (any part of)
mathematics that is, or can in principle be, formalized
in some logic other than classical.

The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers
from various branches of non-classical mathematics, not
only to present recent advances in their particular fields,
but mainly to identify common problems and methods and
foster the exchange of ideas between researchers from
separate fields.

The scope of interest contains, but is not limited to the
following topics:

* Intuitionistic mathematics:
      Heyting arithmetic, intuitionistic set theory,
      topos-theoretical foundations of mathematics, etc.

* Constructive mathematics:
      constructive set or type theories, pointless
      topology, etc.

* Substructural mathematics:
      relevant arithmetic, non-contractive naive set
      theories, axiomatic fuzzy set theories, etc.

* Inconsistent mathematics:
      calculi of infinitesimals, inconsistent set
      theories, etc.

* Modal mathematics:
      arithmetic or set theory with epistemic,
      alethic, or other modalities, modal comprehension
      principles, modal treatment of vague objects,
      modal structuralism, etc.

== Invited speakers ==

Chris Mortensen (University of Adelaide, Australia)
Greg Restall (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Giovanni Sambin (University of Padua, Italy)
Kazushige Terui (Kyoto University, Japan)

== Program committee ==

Petr Hajek (chair)
Chris Mortensen
Greg Restall
Kazushige Terui
Albert Visser

== If you are interested in ==

Getting more information:
    Visit the official website of the conference at

Attending the conference:
    It would help us if you could express a tentative interest
    at www.cs.cas.cz/ncm/interest

Presenting a paper:
    Please submit an abstract of 1-2 pages to ncm at cs.cas.cz.
    The accepted abstracts will be available online
    after the final decision of the program committee.

== Important dates ==

20 March 2009    deadline for contributions
10 April 2009    notification of acceptance/rejection
10 May 2009      early registration and payment
15 June 2009     late registration
18-22 June 2009  date of the conference

== Conference fee ==

The conference fee is 12,000 CZK (ca 440 EUR) for early
registration (till 10 May) and 14,000 CZK afterwards.
It covers accommodation and full board in Hejnice Monastery
during the conference, the conference bus from Prague to
Hejnice and back, conference materials, coffee breaks,
and the social program.

Participants from countries with severely underfunded
research are encouraged to apply for a reduction:
they should explicitly state this when submitting
their abstract, which should be extended to 3-4 pages.

The conference fee for an accompanying person is 8,000 CZK
for early registration, and 9,000 CZK afterwards.

For the methods of payment visit the conference web at

== Venue, transport, and social program ==

The conference will take place at a former monastery
(www.mcdo.cz), which now partly functions as a congress
center for smaller conferences and workshops, in the
village Hejnice in Jizera mountains in the Northern part
of the Czech Republic.  A conference bus will take the
participants from Prague to Hejnice and back.  A usual
social program will be organized (a welcome reception,
a banquet, possibly a trip into the mountains).

== Organizing committee ==

Petra Ivanicova (chair), Marta Bilkova, Karel Chvalovsky.

== Correspondence ==

All correspondence should be directed to ncm at cs.cas.cz.
The subject line of email submissions should contain "NCM"
to assure that the mail will not be deleted as spam.

== A related event ==

The XXIII Logica conference (www.flu.cas.cz/logica) organized
by the Institute of Philosophy AS CR, starts at the same place
immediately after our conference, so the participants can
consider attending both conferences.  The topic of the Logica
conference is centered around philosophical logic, but (due to
its broader scope) has talks and lectures from mathematical
logic or philosophy of mathematics as well.  Invited speakers
at this year's Logica conference include JC Beall, Nuel Belnap,
Kosta Dosen, Hannes Leitgeb, and Stephen Read.

Libor Behounek, Petr Cintula
Steering Committee

Institute of Computer Science
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

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