[FOM] 2nd IP Fellows Seminar

andre rodin andre.rodin at ens.fr
Sat Jan 17 08:06:29 EST 2009

Dear colleagues,
please find below the programm of the 2nd IP Fellows Seminar
organised by the Chair of Excellence of Professor Michael Detlefsen
"Ideals of proof". The Seminar will take place in the salle Dussane in
the old historical building of the Ecole Normale Superieure, 45, rue
d'Ulm, 75005, Paris on January 22nd. The langauge of this meeting is
English, the admission is free. For further info see

http://www.univ-nancy2.fr/poincare/idealsofproof/events.html .

Best wishes,
Andrei Rodin

Session I (9:00--10:25): Mattia Petrolo (IP Fellow), "Ideal proofs and
logical constructivity: From intuitionistic to classical logic" 

Session II (10:30--11:55): Renaud Chorlay (IP Fellow), "Ways out of
the Grey"

Session III (13:15--14:40): Paola Cantu (IP Fellow), "Ideal numbers
and magnitudes: a matter of degree?"

Session IV (14:45--16:10): Andrei Rodin (IP Fellow), "How
Mathematical Concepts Get Their Bodies: The Example of Forcing"

Session V (16:15--17:45): Agustin Rayo (IP visitor), "Towards a
Trivialist Account of Mathematics"*  

*You can view a draft of Pr. Rayo's paper at:

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