[FOM] Constructive Math meeting this fall

Robert Lubarsky robert.lubarsky at comcast.net
Mon Jan 12 11:25:52 EST 2009


The organizers of the Special Session on 
Constructive Mathematics at the AMS Sectional 
Meeting at Florida Atlantic University (F Oct 30 
– Sun Nov 1, 2009) welcome submissions of 
abstracts of talks to be considered for inclusion 
in the Special Session. Talks at such sessions 
are typically twenty minutes long. The deadline 
is July 14 (note that this is different from the 
deadline for contributed talks). Abstracts can be 
submitted over the AMS website, 
Feel free to forward this email to anyone you 
know who might be interested in speaking at or 
attending this meeting who might nothave received this invitation.

As a reminder, the Special Session will be 
preceded by a Workshop on Constructive Mathmatics (W Oct 28 – F Oct 30).

Questions about either the Workshop or Special 
Session should be directed to Bob Lubarsky 
Robert.Lubarsky at comast.net or Fred Richman richman at fau.edu.

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