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A two week symposium on Proof Theory and Constructivism will be held
in the Research Visitors' Centre of the School of Mathematics at Leeds,
from 3rd July (arrival) to 16th July (departure) this year.
It will comprise three connected events:

4th & 5th July: An LMS-funded conference on Proofs and Computations
with speakers W. Buchholz (Munich), E.A. Cichon (Nancy), D. Normann (Oslo),
W.W. Tait (Chicago), J.V. Tucker (Swansea), A. Weiermann (Ghent).
This meeting will be in honour of Stan Wainer on the occasion of his  
65th birthday.

5th & 6th July: A Gentzen Centenary Conference funded by the Gödel  
Society and the
Deutsche Vereinigung für mathematische Logik und Grundlagenforschung,
celebrating 100 years since the birth of Gerhard Gentzen,
the founder of structural proof theory.
Speakers who have so far agreed to come are: M. Baaz (Vienna),
G. Mints (Stanford), J. von Plato (Helsinki), W. Pohlers (Münster),
G. Sundholm (Leiden).

7th - 16th July: An EPSRC-funded Research Workshop on Proof Theory
and Constructivism. Though each day will begin with two plenary sessions,
the emphasis will be on research activity within the areas: Ordinal Analysis,
Proof Mining and Complexity, Constructive Foundations, and  
Constructive Methods
in Mathematics. In addition to many of those aforementioned, the following
have already indicated their intention to participate, and others
(yet to be announced) are expected to come:

P.Aczel (Manchester), T. Arai (Kobe), A. Beckmann (Swansea), U. Berger  
D. Bridges (Christchurch), S. Buss (San Diego), A. Cantini (Florence),
R. Constable (Cornell), T. Coquand (Gothenberg), H. Friedman (Columbus),
N. Gambino (Palermo/Manchester), M. Hyland (Cambridge), G. Jäger (Bern),
H. Ishihara (JAIST), U. Kohlenbach (Darmstadt), R. Lubarsky (Florida),
G. Sambin (Padua), P. Schuster (Munich), A. Setzer (Swansea), T.  
Strahm (Bern),
W. Tait (Chicago), S. Tupailo (Tallinn), A. Weiermann (Ghent).

Limited support is available for younger researchers, who are  
encouraged to attend.
Basic accommodation is available at modest cost, at Lyddon Hall on the  
Leeds University
Campus close to the School of Mathematics.

For further information visit the web-site:
or contact the organisers at: matptw at leeds.ac.uk

Organisers of the LMS meeting: Michael Rathjen and Laura Crosilla.
Organisers of the other events:  Michael Rathjen, Laura Crosilla, and  
Stan Wainer.

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