[FOM] Logical Aspects of Fault Tolerance Workshop

Leo G Marcus Leo.G.Marcus at notes.aero.org
Tue Feb 3 13:46:38 EST 2009

Event Title: Workshop on Logical Aspects of Fault Tolerance (LAFT)
(affiliated with LICS 2009)

Date: 08/15/2009

Location: University of California, Los Angeles

URL: www.aero.org/support/laft


We are soliciting papers on logical aspects of fault tolerance. The concept of
"fault" underlies essentially all computational systems that have any goal.
Loosely speaking, a fault is an unintended event that can have an unintended
effect on the attainment of that goal. "Fault tolerance" is the term given to a
system's ability to cope in some way with a fault, either inherently or through
design. Fault tolerance has been studied for its application to circuits, and
then branching out to distributed systems and more recently to quantum
computers, where the concern with fault tolerance is almost the paramount
issue. The relevance to biological computation is also obvious. Papers must be
concerned with mathematical logical approaches to fault tolerance, 
not simply fault tolerance.
Selected papers will appear in Logic Journal of the IGPL (Oxford U. Press).

Papers due: April 17, 2009
Notification: May 22, 2009
Final papers: July 10, 2009
Workshop: August 15, 2009

Please send all workshop correspondence, including submissions, to 
marcus at aero.org

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