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José José
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P&C 2010
3rd International Workshop on PHYSICS AND COMPUTATION
On the Nile, Egypt
August 30 (embarkation) -- September 3 (desimbarkation on September 5)

Submissions of 4-5 pages extented abstracts due: January 15
Notification: February 12
Full paper submission due: March 20

Early Registration: February 19 --- The charter 
will take a limited number of 40 participants 
with some further space for people travelling 
together (in the early registration step, 
participants will have to book their places and 
pay a fee of $200 each to the Cruiser Company in 
Egypt, through the Conference Webpage).

WEB <http://www.pc2010.uac.pt/>www.pc2010.uac.pt

Original papers are solicited in all areas of 
Physics and Computation (and related fields). 
Typical, but not exclusive, topics are:

- Analogue Computation
- Axiomatization of Physics: completeness, decidability, reduction
- Church-Turing thesis
- Computing beyong the Turing barrier
- Digital Physics
- Philosophy of Physics (and computation)
- Quantum computation (digital, analogue). 
Applications to Biology. Quantum logics
- Reaction-diffusion models of computation: 
including Brain Dynamics, BZ Computers
- Relativity: spacetimes, computation, time travel, speedup
- Theory of measurement: axiomatization, complexity

All researchers in the area of the Workshop are 
kindly invited to submit their extended abstracts 
(4-5 pages) and / or papers (at most 12 pages) 
electronically, via Easychair: 

The submissions are expected to be in PDF format 
using the suitable class files of Springer LNCS. 
Joint submissions to other conferences are not permitted.

Each accepted paper must be presented at the Workshop.

Contributed papers will be selected from submissions received by the


- Andrew ADAMATZKI, University of West England
- Selim AKL, Queen's University, Canada
- Hajnal ANDREKA, Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Budapest
- Edwin BEGGS, University of Swansea
- Olivier BOURNEZ, École Polytechnique
- Dan BROWNE, University College London
- Cristian CALUDE, University of Auckland, New Zealand
- Arturo CARSETTI, University of Rome "Tor Vergata"
- Barry COOPER, University of Leeds
- Bob COECKE, University of Oxford
- José Félix COSTA, Technical University of Lisbon
- Gilles DOWEK, École Polytechnique and INRIA
- Walid GOMAA, University of Alexandria
- Viv KENDON, University of Leeds
- Carlos LOURENÇO, University of Lisbon
- Judit MADARASZ, Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Budapest
- Yasser OMAR, Technical University of Lisbon
- Sonja SMETS, University of Groningen , Netherlands
- Mike STANNETT, University of Sheffield
- Karl SVOZIL, Institut für Theoretische Physik, Technische Universität Wien
- John V. TUCKER, University of Swansea
- Jiri WIEDERMANN, Academy of Sciences of the 
Czech Republic , Institute of Computer Science
- Karoline WIESNER, University of Bristol
- Martin ZIEGLER, University of Paderborn, Germany


- Hajnal ANDRÉKA, Gergely SZÉKELY, Judit X. 
(Physics and Computation) , Alfréd Rényi 
Institute of Mathematics, Hungarian Academy of 
Sciences : Axiomatization of Physics in a logical framework.
- Marco LANZAGORTA (Quantum Computation) , 
Technical Fellow and Director of the Quantum 
Information Group at ITT Corporation : Quantum 
computation: computability and complexity.


- Arturo CARSETTI (Philosophy of Science) , 
University of Rome "Tor Vergata" , The emergence 
of meaning at the co-evolutive level. An epistemological approach.
- John CASE (Learning Theory) , University of 
Delaware : Algorithmic Scientific Inference.
- Gilles DOWEK (CT Thesis) , École Polytechnique 
: The physical Church thesis as an explanation of the Galileo thesis.
- Thomas JENNEWEIN (Quantum Computation) , 
Institute for Quantum Computing , University of 
Waterloo : Teleportation Experiments.
- Sonja SMETS (Quantum Logic) , University of  Groningen : Quantum logics.
- Vlatko VEDRAL (Quantum computation) , 
Universities of Oxford and Singapore : Can 
entanglement be considered a genuine order parameter ?
- Salvador VENEGAS-ANDRACA (Quantum computation) 
, Tecnológico de Monterrey : Adiabatic quantum 
computation and NP-completeness: quantum 
algorithms and massive simulation in classical computer clouds.


The wakening of the computer ; «Which 
technological realizations make us feel closer to the HAL 9000 Computer?»

- Selmer BRINGSJORD , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
- David G. STORK , Chief Scientist of Ricoh Innovations


3rd International Workshop on Physics and Computation, P&C  2010
Egypt, August 30 -- September 3, Cruise 
downstream and upstream the Nile, from Luxor 
(through Aswan) to Luxor. Arrival and departure airports: Luxor or Cairo.

(Full) Registration fees: between $800 and $1200, 
plus the (optional) sightseeing package of $145. 
Includes one (or half) a cabin (7 nights) on 
board and the meals (but not drinks) for the 8 days cruise on the Nile.


Second International Workshop on Physics and Computation

First International Workshop on Physics and Computation


P&C 08: Two Issues of Applied Mathematics and 
Computation (Volume 215, Issue 4, October 15 , 
2009 , Elsevier) and Natural Computing (Volume 8, 
Number 3 , September, 2009 , Springer) .
P&C 09: Proceedings will appear as a Bentham Book.
P&C 10: We are applying for a special Issue of Physica D .


Our 5 days (Monday to Friday) Workshop «Physics 
and Computation 2010» comprises:
   7 Invited speakers (50 minutes each, 10 minutes for discussion);
   2 Tutorials (100 minutes each, 20 minutes for discussion);
14-16 Contributed papers (35 minutes each, 10 minutes for discussion);
   1 Special Session: Homage to Arthur C. Clarke 
's 2010 , HAL 9000 New Legacy (120 minutes). 
David G. Stork has done a respectable work with 
respect to 2001 

Social programme includes sightseeing (with 
visits to) the main Archeological Stations, light 
lectures after dinner on Egyptology and the reading of hieroglyphs.

- Caslav BRUKNER
- Cristian CALUDE
- Gregory CHAITIN
- José Félix COSTA
- Istvan NÉMETI


- Cristian CALUDE
- José Félix COSTA
- Walid GOMAA
- Hélia GUERRA



Faculty of Engineering,
Alexandria University,
Alexandria, Egypt
<mailto:wgomaa at alex.edu.eg>wgomaa at alex.edu.eg and 
<mailto:walid.gomaa at loria.fr>walid.gomaa at loria.fr

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