[FOM] First Call for papers - Infinity 2010

Julian Rohrhuber rohrhuber at uni-hamburg.de
Sat Dec 12 17:17:15 EST 2009

>A special attention will be dedicated to the new methodology allowing
>one to execute numerical computations with finite, infinite, and
>infinitesimal numbers on a new type of a computational device - the
>Infinity Computer (EU patent 1728149). The new approach is based on the
>principle 'The part is less than the whole' introduced by Ancient Greeks
>that is applied to all numbers (finite, infinite, and infinitesimal) and
>to all sets and processes (finite and infinite). The new methodology
>evolves Cantor's ideas in a more applied way and introduces new infinite
>numbers that possess both cardinal and ordinal properties as usual
>finite numbers. It gives the possibility to execute numerical
>computations of a new type and simplifies fields of mathematics where
>the usage of the infinity and/or infinitesimals is necessary.

This looks interesting. This comes to mind: How is it possible that 
you patent a kind of number and a type of operations? Don't they 
exist already in nature or thought? Besides, at least as far as I 
know, in the European patent law, algorithms not patentable. How is 
ownership to an abstract principle justified?

Sorry if I seem inquisitive - it is honest interest.


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