[FOM] A textbook on logic with natural deduction

Charles Silver silver_1 at mindspring.com
Thu Dec 3 11:58:35 EST 2009

> A Logical Approach to Discrete Math
> by David Gries and Fred. B. Schneider
> has something(s) to recommend it, namely the
> spirit of teaching logic as a tool, and
> a broad perspective including but not limited
> to natural deduction.

	No, Gries (together with Fred Schneider) has invented a very messy,  
unintuitive equational logic, which would certainly not be appropriate  
for any beginning course for either logic or discrete math, or for any  
later course as well.  Gries has claimed (I heard him say this) that  
he's the greatest logician since Aristotle.  This book should be  
avoided like the plague (in my opinion)!

Charlie Silver

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