[FOM] A textbook on logic with natural deduction

Ulrich Berger U.Berger at swansea.ac.uk
Wed Dec 2 12:56:49 EST 2009

Dirk van Dalen's "Logic and Structure" uses Natural Deduction
in tree form.

Ulrich Berger

Andrej Bauer wrote:
> Dear FOMers,
> I am teaching a freshman course in logic and set theory. The formalism
> is kept very low, indeed, I never really explain the difference
> between syntax and semantics, I am just trying to teach the students
> what a (real-life) proof is. However, we did learn natural-deduction
> style proofs as trees. There are several foreign students who asked me
> for an English textbook on the topic. They seem very happy with "Naive
> set theory" by Halmos, but I couldn't really find an _introductory_
> textbook that would cover logic in natural deduction style. Can
> someone recomment a good textbook or available lecture notes that are
> written in natural-deduction style (trees, not proof boxes, I know I
> should have used boxes... but it is too late for this year)? This is
> for a freshman course.
> Thank you,
> Andrej Bauer
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