[FOM] teaching discrete math and logic to undergraduates

Jean Gallier jean at cis.upenn.edu
Fri Aug 21 17:42:57 EDT 2009

Hi guys,

For now three years, I have been teaching a Discrete Math course
for undergraduates. I believe that it is important to expose these kids
to logic, and since they should not be too brainwashed yet, I  try
to present a proof system in natural deduction format in order
to show them the difficulties with the "proof by contradiction  
and make them aware of some of the non-constructive aspects
of classical logic.

I wrote some notes that I may want to convert into a book.
The axiom of choice does come up naturally when one tries to prove
that  a surjection, f: A -> B, has a some section (some s: B -> A so  
f o s = id). The kids tend to be quite shocked!
There is also some good stuff on combinatorics and graphs.
I have most solutions to my problems written up and more problems
should be added.
I'd be happy if you have any comments or suggestions.
You'll find the manuscript there:


-- Jean Gallier

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