[FOM] Use of AC

Gergely Buday gbuday at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 07:30:59 EDT 2009

2009/8/10 Thomas Forster <T.Forster at dpmms.cam.ac.uk>:

> This is spiralling out of control, so this will be my last post. Implicit
> use of AC is everywhere, of course.  What is not everywhere is the kind of
> understanding of AC that FOM listmembers have. Arnon's illustration is a
> good one.  I ask: how many of the people who learn this fact as u/gs can
> identify and explain the use of DC in its proof?  Precious few, i bet.

There might be a problem with textbooks. What I see is that either
they are too technical for a broader audience and deal with
specialists' material or cover the question very shallowly (yes, even
yours, pp. 205-208 in Logic, Induction and Sets, no offense meant). I
said "what I see" - is there a 20-30 pages introduction to the subject
that is readable for the non-specialist?

- Gergely

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