[FOM] BLC 2009: Call for Participation

Ulrich Berger U.Berger at swansea.ac.uk
Thu Aug 13 14:58:54 EDT 2009

                   BRITISH LOGIC COLLOQUIUM 2009

The Annual Meeting of the British Logic Colloquium will be held
at the Department of Computer Science, Swansea University, from

             Thursday to Saturday, September 3-5, 2009.

Invited speakers:

  Peter Dybjer (Gothenburg)        Richard Kaye (Birmingham)
  Margarita Korovina (Manchester)  Julien Melleray (Lyon)
  Paulo Oliva (Queen Mary)         Mark Priestley (Westminster)
  Stephen Read (St Andrews)        Peter Schuster (Leeds)
  Alexander Summers (Imperial)     Neil Thapen (Prague)
  Stan Wainer (Leeds)              Andreas Weiermann (Gent)

Programme and abstracts are available on the conference web-site.

The meeting is supported by the London Mathematical Society and the
British Logic Colloquium.

To register, please visit the conference web-site.

Contact: Ulrich Berger u.berger at swansea.ac.uk

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